Following successful courses on “Radio” in July and “Navigation” in November last year, we now have completed a course on “Weather Theory” over 3 session this April. Due to Covid-19 the course was only virtual, but was well attended and received by a good number of members and friends.

Special General Meeting

This is to confirm that there will be a special general meeting on 14th Dec 2019, 11:30am at the club house for the following purpose:

— To vote on revised club rules
— To elect a club committee.

MAC members make sure you attend this meeting ! We need to get a sufficient number of financial members to make a quorum, and we need to appoint a full committee as required by our current club rules.
Without that the club will be defunct.

Navigation Night Classes

We have a navigation course for microlight pilots planned, starting Wed, 27/11/2019, 1900. Email info (at) mac (dot) org( dot) nz if you are interested. There will be four 2-hour lessons covering the topics:

  • Earth, maps, compass
  • VNCs, approach/terminal charts
  • Measuring direction, wind triangle
  • Flight log
  • Fuel weight
  • UTC, ECT
  • Course corrections
  • Flying the plan
  • Navigating
  • GPS, computer

Special General Meeting, Dec 2019

There will be a Special General Meeting in December 2019, before Christmas with a date to be confirmed, to

  1. elect the Club Officers and up to six additional General Committee members;
  2. vote on a revision of the recently proposed changes to the Club Rules.

Membership fees

Following this year’s AGM, Matamata Aero Club membership fees are now due by 28/10/2019.  Member privileges will cease if your subscription is not received by that date.

The Committee

Starter pack

Our Starter Pack is available to new, first-time members.

Cost of $850 includes:

  • One year MAC membership;
  • One year RAANZ membership;
  • One CAA logbook;
  • Five hours flying/ flying lessons**.

**Flying means hire of Club microlight, Zenith CH601 or equivalent, per Hobbs meter. Funds are non refundable, non transferable; unused hours are valid for 12 months unless term is extended by committee approval prior to expiry.